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The difference between band sawing machine and circular sawing machine

People who are new to the machinery industry may wonder if band saws and circular saws are the same thing? What do they have to do?

Generally speaking, a band saw machine is a kind of sawing machine that uses a ring-shaped band saw blade as a saw tool and makes a one-way continuous linear motion around two saw wheels to cut wood; a circular saw machine is a saw blade A sawing machine that is a saw, which can be used to saw metal and non-metal.

Band sawing machines are widely used in the wood industry. There are many models. According to the process use, they can be divided into: large band saws, resection band saws and joinery band saws; according to the direction of the saw wheel, they can be divided into: vertical band saws, Horizontal band saw machines and inclined band saw machines. Vertical band saw machines are divided into right type and left type; according to the way of band saw machine installation, they are divided into: fixed type and mobile type; divided according to the number of combinations : Ordinary band saw machine and multi-band saw machine, etc.

Circular sawing machine refers to metal circular sawing machine, which is a hydraulic circular sawing machine. The vertical slide way advances and retracts the knife up and down, the feeding structure is consolidated, the action is accurate, and the floating material seat does not damage the appearance of the workpiece. Metal circular sawing machine is also called pipe cutting machine, while ordinary metal circular sawing machine (pipe cutting machine) can cut through some common metals: copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and so on.

Band sawing machine is mainly composed of bed, saw wheel, upper saw wheel lifting and tilting installation, band saw blade tension installation, saw blade guide installation, workbench, guide plate and so on.

The bed of the band saw machine is made of welded cast iron or steel plate. The saw wheel is divided into a web type upper saw wheel and a web type lower saw wheel; the lower saw wheel is the driving wheel, and the upper saw wheel is the driven wheel. The weight of the upper saw wheel should be 2.5 to 5 times lighter than the lower saw.

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