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How to solve common problems of drilling and milling machines

The milling machine is usually a desktop, the worktable can be moved vertically and horizontally, the spindle is arranged vertically, the head can be raised and lowered, and it has multiple cutting functions such as drilling, milling, boring, grinding, and tapping. The spindle box can rotate 90° left and right in the vertical plane, and the worktable of some models can rotate 45° left and right in the horizontal plane. The worktable of most models can automatically move the tool longitudinally; the spindle drive of the drilling and milling machine adopts a continuously variable speed device and a new type Excitation motor, spindle speed display, touch switch, processing depth LCD display, novel structure, stable and reliable transmission and convenient operation; it is an ideal machine tool for processing small parts, instruments and light industrial machinery.

Drilling and milling machine, small drilling and milling machine machining error detection and time is too long. Drilling and milling machine error depends on greenhouse processing, drilling and milling machine spindle speed and feed rate are too high, long processing cycle time and other factors, and drilling and milling machine error presents nonlinear and interactive effects, therefore, this detection and identification usually takes a long time time. In addition, due to the many error elements on the drilling and milling machine, the general laser measuring instrument measures only one error element at a time. How to measure efficiently and quickly is also a problem that must be solved. First of all, understand the source condition of the accuracy error, whether it is long elapsed time, high processing speed, or room temperature, and so on to make the above solution.

Adjustment of the lifting safety device of the drilling and milling machine:

1. The safety device of the drilling and milling machine is slipping, and the machine head cannot be raised and lowered normally. It is necessary to remove the observation cover behind the casing, pry off the non-return washer on the upper side of the intermediate shaft, and adjust the round nut to a suitable position.

2. When the machine head rises or falls to the two extreme positions, the insurance fails. If the friction torque is greater than the torque of the motor and it fails, adjust the nut to reduce the friction torque.

When the drilling and milling machine is changing speed, first open the belt covers on both sides of the upper part of the spindle box, loosen the motor fastening bolts, and the handle on the right side of the trigger head loosens the belt. According to the mark on the speed plate, change the belt to the desired position, and then pull the handle. Make the V-belt moderately tight and work after tightening the two fixing bolts. Note: The drilling and milling machine cannot change speed during processing, otherwise it will cause gear teeth to hit.

50C drilling and milling machine, 6350C drilling and milling machine sleeve repair: when the sleeve wear is not large, and the amount of body hole repair is small, the sleeve can be used after repairing. The purpose of repair is to compensate the wear of the outer diameter, so that the matching clearance between the drill and milling machine sleeve and the body hole meets the requirements. The repair of the sleeve generally adopts the iron-plating repair process. If the amount of wear is too large, the sleeve should be replaced with a new one.

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