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Matters needing attention for surface grinder

A type of grinder. It mainly uses a grinding wheel to rotate and grind the workpiece to achieve the required flatness. According to the shape of the worktable, it can be divided into two types: rectangular worktable and round worktable. The main parameter of the rectangular worktable surface grinder is the worktable. Width and length, the main parameter of the round table surface grinder is the table diameter. According to the different shaft types, it can be divided into horizontal shaft and vertical shaft grinder. For example, M7432 vertical shaft round table surface grinder, M7130 horizontal shaft and rectangular table surface grinder

Operating instructions for surface grinders

1: Surface grinder positioning

The machine tool should reserve more than 300mm outside the maximum movement space, each foot screw should be tight, and the front, back and left and right levels of the table should be within 0.04/1000mm. (The requirements for installing the inverter need to be higher)

Check every three months, adjust the level of the work surface, and tighten each foot screw.

2: Surface grinder wheel

The selected grinding wheel must be able to accept a weekly speed of more than 2000m/min.

Prevent the use of damaged grinding wheels.

The flange of the new grinding wheel must be balanced.

Before the formal grinding, the grinding wheel should be idling for 5 minutes.

The maximum feed stroke is 0.03mm for grinders below 800mm, and 0.05mm for grinders above 800mm

3: Surface grinder spindle

Before installing the grinding wheel, make sure that the spindle rotates clockwise.

When starting up, the spindle must be turned on first and then flushing must be started.

4: Surface grinder hydraulic equipment

The surface grinder uses hydraulic oil with a viscosity of No. 46.

The new machine needs to replace the hydraulic oil after three months of operation, and then replace it once a year. The oil tank must be cleaned together.

Check the hydraulic oil level every day, and ensure that the oil level is between the lowest and highest line.

Before starting the hydraulic motor, make sure that the flow control lever is in the closed position.

The magnetic attraction must be turned on first and then the hydraulic pressure must be turned on

5: Surface grinder smoothing equipment

The lubricating oil uses the guideway lubricating oil with a viscosity of No. 32. (Recommend Meiweida No. 1 or No. 1405)

Check the oil volume of the oil tank (pool) every day to ensure that it is above the offline.

Check whether the guide rail oil circuit is smooth every week to prevent the guide rail from losing oil.

It is recommended to clean the fuel tank every three months.

The lubricating grease is added regularly according to the regulations.

6: Left and right mechanism of surface grinder

Stop adjusting the left and right stroke when the workbench is moving.

When the workbench cable becomes loose, it should be adjusted immediately. (This article applies to manual models)

7: Surface grinder flushing and dust collection equipment

The dust box filter must be cleaned every two weeks.

The cold water tank must be cleaned once a month.

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