Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe F203E

Max dia. : φ21mm

Feeding length:140mm

CNC Swiss Type Slitting Automatic Lathe G205E

Processing dia. :Φ2mm-20mm

Feeding length:140mm

Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe G206E

Max dia. :21mm

Feeding length:140mm

Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathe H266E

Max dia. :26mm

Feeding length:105mm

VTL-50A/VTL-55L/VTL-70L CNC Vertical Turret Lathe

Swing over bed : 800 mm

Max. turning dia. : 700mm

TCK520 TCK550 TCK630 Slant-bed CNC Turning Milling Center

Swing over bed : 520-630 mm

swing over slide : 380-400 mm

TCK6340 TCK6340S TCK6350 CNC Slant-bed Lathe machine

Swing over bed : 400-500 mm

swing over slide : 140-220 mm

CK400 CK400S Slant Bed CNC Lathe machine with hydraulic chuck

Swing over bed : 400 mm

Swing over cross slide : 140 mm

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