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Main factors affecting the service life of band saw blade

1. The selection of high-quality band sawing machine and correct operation and adjustment of band sawing machine are the most important factors to ensure the service life of band sawing blade. Good rigidity and working performance of the band saw machine can prevent the great impact of vibration and various stresses on the band saw blade.

2. Correctly select the band saw blade you will use. No band saw blade can meet all sawing requirements, and various saw blades with different forms and characteristics have different effects. This choice includes appropriate saw blade width, tooth profile and tooth pitch.

3. Correctly use sawing parameters, mainly including saw belt linear speed, feed rate, saw belt tension, etc. When sawing materials, the ideal chip should be tight, silver and warm. If there are chips such as sintering, brownish blue, hypertrophy or powder, the relevant parameters need to be adjusted.

4. Proper use of cutting fluid and its mixture can lubricate and cool the band saw blade, and timely clean the attachments on the sawteeth.

5. Correctly “run in” the new band saw blade, “run in” is to remove the burr of the tooth edge through the natural wear of the sawtooth, so as to gradually put the band saw blade into the normal sawing state, so as to avoid premature blade collapse and rolling of the sawtooth, especially when the section changes rapidly, pipe and special-shaped materials. During “running in”, the machine parameters shall be adjusted to about 50% of the normal sawing efficiency, and the sawing area is generally 200-600cm2. After there is no abnormal condition, gradually adjust the relevant parameters of the band sawing machine to enter the normal sawing state.

As the band saw blade in the composition of the band saw machine, it is not only very important, but also a loss part. Only on the premise of ensuring the normal operation of the band saw machine, the band saw blade is not prone to various problems, so as to make the band saw machine play a better performance, which reminds us that we need to pay attention to the cooperation between the two in daily use.

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