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Reasons and solutions for rough cut surface when sawing machine

During the entire cutting process of the sawing machine, what users do not want is that the section of the product after cutting is rough, because this will increase the time and cost of post-processing, so in the procurement process, some customers are in the consultation process. It is clearly required that the cutting accuracy of the saw blade should be high.

In this link of the running-in and cutting of the saw blade of the band sawing machine, it determines the quality of the use of the band saw blade, and it is also the key to determining the quality of the cutting. For example, the cross-section of the sawed workpiece is oblique, rough, and cannot be sawed, which is very related to it.

The purpose of running-in cutting is to eliminate the very small errors left by the saw teeth of the band saw blade after processing. To achieve the same amount of teeth protruding from the sides of the saw teeth on both sides of the band saw blade, the sharp tooth burrs are naturally ground and removed, so as to obtain a saw blade suitable for better cutting.

From this, it can be seen that the bad cutting results are caused by the damaged tip of the band saw blade.

1. The surface of the sawed workpiece is rough, indicating that the sharp teeth of the band saw blade have not been run-in. If the feed rate is too large, the teeth of the band saw blade will be cut with high energy prematurely, and the teeth of the band saw blade will be overloaded and passivated, and the teeth will be damaged accordingly. In this case, the serrations of the passivated band saw blade cannot achieve the smooth cutting ability of the sharp serrations. The rough surface of the workpiece sawed by the sawing machine is inevitable. This is one of the reasons.

2. If the tooth shape of the selected band saw blade is not suitable for the diameter of the workpiece to be cut, the iron filings under the saw are accumulated in the tooth groove and cannot be discharged smoothly, which hinders the cutting opportunity of each tooth, and the sawing rough, beveled workpieces.

If you say that the saw blade is always cut obliquely or the section is rough when operating the sawing machine, have you performed the correct running-in of the saw blade? , The main factor in the purchase of saw blades.

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