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Horizontal Metal Cutting Double Column Band Saw Machine

Metal cutting double column horizontal band saw

Metal cutting double-column horizontal band saw features:
1. The saw frame passes through the solid double-post guide rail;
2. Rigid, adjustable saw blade guide rail to prevent the saw blade from escaping laterally and ensure the maximum angle accuracy;
3. The ideal position of the control panel is at the top of the saw frame within a comfortable range;
4. At the end of each sawing cycle, the saw blade holder will automatically return to the original position;
5. The throttle valve allows the infinitely variable speed saw frame to feed;
6. The two cutting speeds are a wide range of materials and workpiece diameters;
7. Manually adjustable workpiece clamping and linear stop;

   MODEL NO    GH4228
Cutting capacity 280-280×280
Blade size 3505×27×0.9
Blade speed 27 \ 45 \ 69
Clamping type Hydraulic
Main motor power 2.2
Motor main 0.55
Coolant pump 0.04
Overall dimension 1860×900×1400

Double column structure, vertical lifting, high stability
High efficiency, high precision, material saving and energy saving
Hydraulically controlled saw speed stepless speed regulation
Workpiece camp and hydraulic, easy to control
Can 3 hydraulic tension saw blades be manufactured as required

Proven double-column guide rail design ensures maximum accuracy and stability, cost-effective processing of large parts
Anti-twist saw frame with infinitely adjustable feed
At the end of the sawing cycle, the saw blade band will stop and the saw blade will automatically return to its original position
Very rigid, adjustable saw blade guide to keep the saw blade on the track
Including hydraulic workpiece clamping and clamping pressure control
Hydraulic saw blade tensioning

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