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High-speed circular saw machine

Product Description:

High speed metal circular sawing machine
High precision
High efficiency
High stability
The integrated modular design is easy to maintain
More to meet the real needs of users

Mechatronics integrated control:
Through numerical control, servo feeding and feeding, and with the improved tungsten carbide cutting tool, high speed precision cutting and smooth cutting surface are achieved.

Faster cutting speed:
Suitable for general steel, stainless steel, cutting speed up to 5 times faster than traditional HSS saw blade.
Cutting non – iron (such as aluminum, copper, plastic steel) special machine, saw cutting speed is 10 times faster than the oil cutting machine.

Longer blade life:
Robust construction and shock-proof design increase cutting speed and extend blade life.

Less consumables:
The modified tungsten carbide circular saw blade has thinner blade, less consumables and can reduce tool wear and power consumption.

Sawing capacity Round material: 430 mm
Square material: 430X430mm
Saw blade tensioning method  Hydraulic
Band saw blade linear speed 15 ~ 95m / min, stepless speed regulation by frequency converter Saw blade tension stroke 35 mm
Band saw blade specifications 54x 1.6 x 67 10mm Lifting stroke 480 mm
main motor power 11kW Feeding stroke 435 mm
Hydraulic motor power 0.75kW Machine weight  7000 kg
Cooling pump power 0.25kW Machine size 4060x2226x2400 mm
Working clamping method Hydraulic vice Optional Bundle pinch and lock the driven shaft
Working clamping stroke 450 mm

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