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Regular maintenance and precautions for extended service life of spark machine

Any mechanical equipment will have some “small problems” after being used for a long time, but if these “small problems” are not handled in time, the service life of the machine will be affected after a long time. So is the electric spark machine. But how to extend the service life of the electric spark machine? Today, Rixin will introduce to you how to prolong the service life of the spark machine

1. Regularly check whether the guide rails of the spark machine have oil lubricated rails. If the lubrication is not in place, the rails will make abnormal noises. Over time, they will be severely worn.

2. The oil tank filter shall be replaced every half a year. If there is too much residue on the filter cotton, it shall be replaced in time to prevent the oil pipe from being blocked.

3. Regular cleaning of machine tool residues can prolong the service time of processing fluid.

4. Always observe whether the spark oil is too dirty. If there are too many residues in the spark oil, it is recommended to replace the spark oil, otherwise the processing effect may be affected and the oil tank may be blocked.

5. Oiler shall be used to fill the guide rail of each shaft every week to avoid shaking of each shaft to wear the machine tool after a long time of use.


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