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Z3732 Universal Radial drilling machine

Product description:

1. Z3732 mobile universal radial drilling machine design is to adapt to any angle of drilling in large and medium sized parts, reaming, countersinking, plane and tapping, etc., and to adapt to the before and after drilling all kinds of plane of micro – milling.

2. The machine tool can be used in small quantities and single piece production, it is one of the commonly used machine tools in the machine manufacturing industry, especially the mechanical maintenance department.

3. In the treatment of large parts of the attachment or lifting the parts processing.

4. Requires the machine to be flexible, save man hour, suitable for heavy machinery, machine tools, internal combustion engine, motor, ship manufacturing and military industry.

Product main technical specifications::

Model Z3732
Max. Drilling Capacity mm SS 32 Iron25
spindle nose to table surface mm 25-870
Spindle axis to column  mm 315-815/915
Spindle travel mm 130
Spindle taper (Morse) 3
Spindle speed r.p.m 173、425、686、960
Spindle speed range 4
Spindle speed range r.p.m
Spindle feed series 3
Rotation angle of rocker arm ° 360
Main motor power  kw 1.5
Machine weight kg 870
Dimension  mm 1800×700×2044

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