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S380 Band Saw Blade Sharpener Grinding Machine

Product description

This machine is a new type of multi-functional tooth grinding equipment for saw blades with different tooth types (such as: 2/3 change, 3/4 change, 4/6 change, etc.). Suitable for 27, 34, 41 types of variable tooth band saw blades grinding, so that it can reach the performance of the old saw blade, reuse and reduce the waste of resources. In the process of grinding, the automatic saw blade grinding machine can automatically adjust the teeth, adjust the speed without adjustment, and is fast. Each equipment is debugged by professional masters, the pass rate is 100%, and the precision requirements are almost strict.

Model number S380
Saw blade width 27-45(20-50)mm
Saw blade pitch 3-30 mm
Speed 40-60 teeth/min 2800 rpm
Voltage 220/380V
Dimensions 650X650X105 mm
Net /gross weight 86/102kg

Standard Equipment

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