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Horizontal Lathe Machine for Metal Cutting

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Model KL36B-60 KL36B-80 KL36B-100
Center height 180 180 180 distance 800 1000 1200
Width of bed 220 220 220
 Hole diameter of spindle 40 40 40
Spindle head form A 5 A 5 A 5
Taper of spindle speed MT5 MT5 MT5
Step of spindle speed 9 9 9
Range of spindle speed 60-2000 60-2000 60-2000 of cross slide 235 235 235 of compound rese 80 80 80
Leadscrew pitch 4 4 4
Maximum tool section 20*16 20*16 20*16
Range of metric threads 33Nos.4.75-72T.P.I 33Nos.4.75-72T.P.I 33Nos.4.75-72T.P.I
Range of inch threads 20Nos.0.25-9M.P 20Nos.0.25-9M.P 20Nos.0.25-9M.P
Range of metric longitudinal feeds 9Nos.0.0006-0.0925″/rev 9Nos.0.0006-0.0925″/rev 9Nos.0.0006-0.0925″/rev
Range of inch longitudinal feeds 9Nos.0.015-0.2345mm/rev 9Nos.0.015-0.2345mm/rev 9Nos.0.015-0.2345mm/rev
Range of metric cross feeds 9Nos.0.0012-0.185″/rev 9Nos.0.0012-0.185″/rev 9Nos.0.0012-0.185″/rev
Range of inch cross feeds 9Nos.0.03-0.469mm/rev 9Nos.0.03-0.469mm/rev 9Nos.0.03-0.469mm/rev
Travel of tailstock sleeve 115 115 115
Morce taper of tailstock sleeve MT3# MT3# MT3#
Main motor power 2.2KW 2.2KW 2.2KW
Packing size 1500*1140*1415MM 1700*1140*1415MM 1900*1140*1415MM
N.W./G.W. 700/780KG 730/800KG 755/825KG


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