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whirlwind milling machine Introduction

Cyclone milling is a thread processing method in which a high-speed cutting power head installed on a common lathe uses a cemented carbide forming tool installed on a high-speed rotating cutter head to mill a thread from a workpiece. Because of its high milling speed (speed up to 400m/min), the machining efficiency is fast. And use compressed air for chip cooling. During the machining process, the cutting splash is like a whirlwind, so named-whirlwind milling.

Cyclone milling can realize dry cutting, heavy-duty cutting, difficult-to-machine materials and ultra-high-speed cutting, and consumes little power. The surface roughness can reach Ra0.8μm. The spindle speed of the lathe is slow, so the machine has high motion accuracy and good dynamic stability. It is an advanced thread processing method.

The cutting forms of whirlwind milling are divided into:

(1) inner cutting type (2) outer cutting type

The cutting methods of whirlwind milling are divided into:

(1) down milling method (2) up-cut milling method

Advantages of CNC whirlwind milling machine:

1. The machine tool adopts independent spindle high-precision transmission; it has the function of four-axis and three-linkage; it can process any number of heads, variable diameter, and variable pitch threads.

2. The whirlwind milling spindle adopts AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation;

3.Machining accuracy meets the accuracy required by Party A’s process card, all dimensions of the product are consistent, and at the same time it meets the factory standard accuracy requirements of Party B’s machine tools

Fourth, the main implementation standards of machine tool manufacturing

GB/T 9061 General technical requirements for metal cutting machine tools
GB15760 General technical requirements for safety protection of metal cutting machine tools
GB/T5226.1 General technical requirements for machine tool electrical equipment

Fengyuan Machinery continues to develop high-quality, high-tech, and high-value-added products in research and development, and strives for technological innovation and product management. Through continuous efforts to develop high-tech products, it has now become a domestic production, learning and research base for whirlwind milling.

The leader of whirlwind milling!

Whirlwind milling process

After the cyclone milling machine is matched with the lathe, five processing motions need to be completed in the processing process:

1. The cutter head drives the cemented carbide forming knife to rotate at high speed (main movement)
2. The lathe spindle drives the workpiece to rotate slowly (auxiliary movement)
3. Cyclone milling moves along the axis of the workpiece according to the pitch or lead of the workpiece (feed motion)
4. Cyclone milling carries out radial movement (cutting movement) driven by the carriage in the lathe

Whirlwind milling also has the freedom to adjust the helix angle within a certain angle range.

Cyclone milling machine drives the chassis body, aluminum alloy die-casting shell, brake drum, brake, steering system, wheels, different housing axle heads, axles, vehicle bridges, pumps, valves, hydraulic components, solar accessories, etc. Multi-axis drilling machines can be divided into two specifications: adjustable and fixed. The multi-axis drilling machine can be adjusted within the working scale. The number of spindles and the distance between the spindles are relatively adjustable. At the same time, it can feed several small drilling and milling machines. hole. In the work with hydraulic small drilling and milling machines, it can actively fast forward, work in (return to workers), rewind, and stop. Compared with single-axis drilling (tapping), the machining accuracy of high workpieces is increased, and the ergonomic small drilling and milling machine process Learning fast can effectively reduce human investment, capital, and financial resources. Especially the automatic machine tool greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operators. The fixed multi-axis drilling machine adopts the design plan of a single piece (machined part) special machine. According to the high frequency of workpiece processing and the reason of large quantity, a machine specially customized equipment does not have to worry about size deviation in its work. In addition to the use of conventional products, the overall design of small drilling and milling machine tools can also be imported according to the special requirements of customers. The task of small drilling and milling machine design requires the three drill bits of the machine tool to be the cutting master at the same cutting speed (circumferential speed) v=12.5 min m movement. The workbench where the workpiece is installed is moved for feed motion. At this moment, the drill bit is approached quickly within t1, and then the small drilling and milling machine hole is drilled to a certain depth during deceleration at t2, and the three drills are simultaneously drilling when the small drilling and milling machine is decelerated The completion of the cyclone milling machine quickly descends within t4 time. The Kangnuo CNC screw rotor grinder is a series of CNC screw rotor grinders developed by Kangnuo Group, which has an international level and is oriented to high-speed rail and other fields. Expanded the influence of the ANTISHI brand in new areas. Promoted the development of this field in China-CNC screw rotor grinder. With strong technical support and unique advantages, Kangnuo Group will enter the new energy supporting market in a timely manner, from parts to component assemblies. Aiming at the high-speed rail market, the group has successively developed the GZ116A CNC high-speed axle (axle) forming grinder dedicated to the machining of locomotive axles, medium and large quantities of axle diameter parts, and the forming outer circle, wheel seat outer circle and brake disc grinding machine mainly used for locomotive axles. GZ139 CNC double-wheel-carry axle special grinding machine for cutting. These two products have won bids for many times in the railway system, accounting for 90% of the purchase of similar equipment by China’s two major locomotive companies, and have become my country’s imported substitute products. In addition, the company has also developed a series of CNC screw rotor grinders, high-precision CNC cylindrical grinders, high-speed slitting lines, high-precision micrometer screw grinders, CNC internal thread grinders, and CNC plug gauge grinders, which are of international standards for high-speed rail and other fields. There are more than 10 kinds of domestic “precision, special and special” machine tools.

The company has formed the advantages and characteristics of high-efficiency, high-precision, and high-speed processing of threads in the history of the development of whirlwind milling machines in my country. Accumulated 30 years of rich experience in the production and use of whirlwind milling machines. Whirlwind milling and CNC whirlwind milling machine tools are based on the business strategy of complete specifications, advanced technology and superior quality. The Xuanfeng brand whirlwind milling machine has 32 varieties in 4 series, accumulated rich experience, highly advanced technology, and formed a professional production line. Cooperate with North University of China and other universities to improve the scientific and technological content of products. Professional technical support, lifetime technical service.

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After nearly 30 years of concentrated research and development of whirlwind milling machine tools, it now has 14 national patents. More than 1,000 customers all over the country, and signed long-term strategic plans with many top domestic companies. In recent years, our company has increased its export efforts, and CNC whirlwind milling machine tools are exported to Spain, Russia, Japan, South Korea, India, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

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