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Seven structures specially required for surface grinders

The surface grinder mainly uses the grinding wheel to rotate and grind the workpiece to achieve the required flatness. According to the shape of the worktable, it can be divided into two types: rectangular worktable and round worktable. The main parameters of the rectangular worktable surface grinder are the worktable width and Length, the main parameter of the round table surface grinder is the table diameter. In the specific operation process, the surface grinder needs to pay special attention to 7 major structures.

1. Positioning rules of surface grinder
Where should the machine tool be placed and how to install it? It is understood that more than 300mm should be reserved outside the maximum movement space, each foot screw should be tight, and the front, back and left and right levels of the table should be within 0.04/1000mm. (The requirements for installing the inverter need to be higher)

2. Selection of grinding wheel for surface grinder
The selected grinding wheel must be able to withstand a weekly speed of more than 2000m/min, because if the speed is too low, it will be easy to leave traces, but if the speed is too high, the price of the grinding wheel will be much higher. In addition, special attention should be paid to the strict prohibition. Use a broken grinding wheel. If you have conditions, you can do it after the new grinding wheel is installed. The flange must be balanced.

3.Before installing the grinding machine spindle, make sure that the spindle rotates in a clockwise direction

4. Hydraulic device of surface grinder
The surface grinder uses hydraulic oil with a viscosity of No. 46. The hydraulic oil of the new machine needs to be replaced after three months of use, and once a year in the future, and the oil tank must be cleaned at the same time.

5. Surface grinder lubrication device
The lubricating oil uses the guideway lubricating oil with a viscosity of No. 32. (Recommend Meiweida No. 1 or No. 1405), confirm the oil volume of the fuel tank (pool) every day to ensure that it is above the offline. Check whether the guide rail oil circuit is unobstructed every week to prevent the guide rail from losing oil. It is recommended to clean the fuel tank every three months. Grease is added regularly as required.

6. Left and right mechanism of surface grinder
It is forbidden to adjust the left and right strokes when the workbench is moving. When the workbench cable becomes loose, it should be adjusted immediately.

7. Surface grinder flushing and dust suction device
The cleaning and maintenance of the dust box filter is cleaned every two weeks. The other is the inspection of the coolant. Generally, when the coolant is contaminated, it must be inspected and removed in time.

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