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Surface Grinding Machine Side Grinding

Special grinding method for surface grinder: side grinding

Side surface grinding is mainly special grinding with a surface grinder. When dressing, a diamond dresser is used for dressing. This is the same as the principle of side surface grinding with a cylindrical grinder. The dressing amount should not exceed the dressing amount of the grinding wheel during cylindrical grinding. Generally, the workpiece is rotated by 90 in surface grinding. After grinding, of course, there are sometimes exceptions. The problem lies in the side surface grinding, how can the side surface of the work be placed parallel to the feed direction of the worktable. Because the opposite direction is a straight line, and if it is parallel to the processing side surface, it is equivalent to the baffle of the electromagnetic chuck, which can make it parallel.

Of course, when installing the electromagnetic chuck, it is necessary to install it in a way that the feed direction of the worktable is completely parallel to the side of the chuck. Therefore, after installing the suction cup, first use this naive method to grind the side of the suction cup, and then install the baffle behind the parallel cutting.

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