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Shanghai ANTS Daily Maintenance of CNC Milling Machine

CNC milling machine as a relatively high degree of automation of mechanical equipment, the correct operation of CNC milling machine, pay attention to the daily maintenance of CNC milling machine with maintenance can not only better play its performance advantages, but also to extend the service life of CNC milling machine to a certain extent.

The daily maintenance measures of CNC milling machine are:

1.Check the cooling system of CNC milling machine regularly, such as check liquid level height, do timely add oil or water, keep clean.

2.Regularly check the tightness of the spindle drive belt and guide rail inserts, and make reasonable adjustments according to the actual situation to maintain proper tightness and porosity.

3.Check the hydraulic system oil tank of CNC milling machine regularly, whether there is abnormal noise of oil pump, whether the working oil level is appropriate, whether the pressure gauge indication is normal, whether there is leakage of pipelines and joints, etc.

4.It is necessary to regularly check the use of guide rails and protective covers, check the mechanical accuracy of each moving part, and reduce shape and orientation errors, etc.

5.Regularly check whether the cooling fan in the electrical cabinet of the CNC milling machine is working properly, whether the air duct filter is blocked, and regularly clean up the dust attached to it.

6.After each day’s work, it is necessary to clean the iron filings, wipe the coolant on the guide rails to avoid rust; check the oil quantity, and fill it in time, clean the automatic lubrication system, regular replacement of spindle box smooth oil, etc.

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