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Disassembly of three jaw chuck

1. First, find a few (hexagon socket) screws on the back, remove them, and then hammer the disc inside the three claws from the front to the back with a wooden rod or copper rod to take out the disc. Inside is a small disc for positioning and dust prevention. Remove it.

2. After removal, find several flat screwdriver screws at the corresponding positions behind the three claws of the chuck and remove them, so that the bevel gear for screwing the three claws can be taken out, then carefully take out the disc with flat rectangular thread and remove the three claws from the front, so that the three claws can be removed.

3. Generally, after disassembly, polish or clean the inside, clean the flat rectangular thread, and there are often dirt on the teeth on the back, so clean it up. Try not to hurt it with a file or other hard. After cleaning, gently put it in, hammer it with a wooden stick, then install the bevel gear shaft (this also needs to clean the dirt between the teeth), and screw in the screw to fix it.

4. When installing the small disc on the back and the last large disc, carefully check whether there is a bump on their contact surface. Be sure to check carefully, which is very important to the accuracy of the whole chuck. Carefully level the uneven place with a file and tighten the screws, so as to complete it.

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