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Z3032×10 radial drilling machine

Z3032 radial drilling machine, widely used in single piece and small and medium batch production, a wide range of processing, can be used to drill large workpiece of all kinds of screw holes, screw bottom holes, positioning pins and oil holes. Because of its flexibility of operation and practical quality by small and medium-sized processing enterprises love. This machine is convenient to operate, flexible, wide range of application and so on. Can be said to be a cost-effective radial drilling machine, because of its flexibility and practical quality of operation by small and medium-sized processing enterprises love.

So our 3032 type radial drilling machine is good where?
1. Gear box automatic oil supply system: the design principle of radial drilling machine is vertical gear, the traditional lubrication method is to use the gear speed to throw lubricating oil belt to the above gear lubrication, practice has proved that there is no way to throw oil to the above, the top of the traditional gear is dry grinding. The customer used it for a few months and found it was noisy. After a year or two, he had to change the top gear.

2. Highland radial drilling machine adopts lubrication from the bearing into, fully lubricated bearing, from the bearing down to the gear, as long as the frequent oil change, not brutal operation, bearing, gear no bad reason.

3. Column safety locking, the traditional column is generally locked without safety device, install this setting to two more AC contactor. Highland rocker arm drilling machine with automatic safety protection device, in the case of artificial forget to loosen the lock, it can automatically power off to prevent rocker arm lifting type pull the column, the lifting wire mother slip wire.

4. The spindle has a travel switch protection system, in the automatic feed, forget to loosen the automatic feed will make the spindle to the car, this protection spindle is not easy to be damaged.

5. Superaudio quenching gear: wear resistance, high hardness, quenching is to be done in accordance with the operating procedures. Not with fire can be burned, quenching, grinding process do not just say that the noise is to detect the quality of the gear. The noise of grinding teeth is small, no noise. On the other hand, noise decibels are above 100 decibels. All gears use CNC worm grinding precision grinding teeth.

6. Lead screw manufacturers, manufacturers are not directly with round steel car out, but in strict accordance with the process requirements, tempering heat treatment and other strict process requirements, special lead screw equipment, the use of cylindrical grinding after high finish, service life more than 2 times the ordinary lead screw. The wire mother uses copper wire mother. The price is three times that of a traditional lead screw.

7. Good accuracy, from the blank into the factory to the machining workshop to the assembly workshop, painting workshop, finished product workshop each procedure has a special QC quality inspection, so as to ensure that the product factory qualified.

Highland machine tool company’s development can not be separated from the quality assurance, the company in order to ensure the quality of the radial drilling machine, improve the company’s quality inspection department, the precise inspection of each link, in addition to the company for each factory radial drilling machine QC personnel to test the workpiece. To ensure that the radial drilling machine does not leave the factory, the factory must let the customer satisfaction. We have a special after-sales service system.

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