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Gantry milling machine is suitable for a variety of processing

The function of the gantry milling machine combines the advantages of the current most advanced machine tools, equipped with advanced electrical appliances, to upgrade the electromechanical control technology, equipped with imitation table milling heads and ordinary milling heads, suitable for a variety of processing, one machine for multiple purposes, improving the processing quality and production of the workpiece efficient.

The main structural performance and characteristics of the gantry milling machine:

1. Gantry milling machine is a new generation of mechatronics products, suitable for high-speed steel, cemented carbide tools to process various ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and some non-metallic materials. It can complete the milling process of plane, high and low surface, inclined surface, side surface, groove, boring, drilling, etc.

2. Workbench transmission mode: Workbench screw drive, driven by AC servo system, realizes stepless adjustment of working speed.

3. Crossbeam locking: TX20 series crossbeams are mechanically automatically locked, and the lifting and lowering of the crossbeam realize interlocking control.

4. The milling feed rate of the end milling head and side milling head is steplessly adjustable.

5. The basic parts of the machine tool are all cast, processed and assembled by our company. The casting material is HT250 high-quality cast iron, all of which have undergone the secondary aging treatment of heat aging and vibration aging to fully eliminate the internal stress of the casting. The bed, column, and beam guides are all subjected to super-audio frequency quenching treatment.

6. The bed guide rail is equipped with steel plate protective cover, beam and column organ type protective cover.

7. According to user needs, special specifications can be customized, and 3-4 power milling heads can be configured.

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