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ANTISHI Machine EQUIPMENT Company successfully exported a CH-330HA Double Column Fully Auto metal band sawing machine to Israel client

Recently, our company successfully exported a CH-330A(330A) Double Column Fully Auto metal band sawing machine to a company in Israel. After long-time blockdown due to the epidemic impact.
Customer waiting for so long time and take this chance we would express our apologies and thank to our client.
At present, the metal band sawing machine is ready to be shipped and will be shipped to Israel through Shanghai Port. I hope that the metal band sawing machine of the ANTISHI brand can be put into the customer’s production site as soon as possible!

Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHI Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name Metal band saw Model No. CH-330HA(max. Cutting diameter 330mm) Export Country  Israel
Customer Introduction Client looking for an automatic cutting bar machine, and I think yours could be useful,

I’m interested for sawing machine automatic feed , About 300-330 mm cutting dia’

Equipment Application ANTISHI recommend customer to choose our CH-330A automatic cutting machine , it gives client more accurate and very convenient feeding.
Equipment Picture

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CH-330HA Double Column Fully Auto metal band sawing machine

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