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Industrial Horizontal Heavy Duty Band Saw Machine

Cutting Capacity round φ1000mm φ39-3/8″
square 1000mm W x 1000mm H 39-3/8″ W x 39-3/8″ H
Drive Capacity Main Motor 11KW (4P)
Hydraulic Motor 3.75KW
Coolant Pump 0.09KW
Blade Speed 15~60m/min by Inverter 49~197fpm by Inverter
Blade Size 67×1.6x9820mm
Workpiece Clamping Hydraulic Vise
Blade Tensioning Hydraulic
Main Drive Gear Reducer
Table Height 520mm
Machine Size (LxWxH) 4560x2170x3040mm 179-1/2″x85-2/5″x119-2/3″

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