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Double Column Horizontal Band Saw for Metal Cutting

1. Double- column structure.
2· Clamped by hydraulic pressure vise.
The hydraulic pressure controls the saw in and out.
3· Reasonable oriented head structure lengthen the saw blade’s service life.
4· Can make hydraulic tension saw blades as per request.

Technical data:

1 cutting capacity 500×500 mm
2 saw blade size 5380×41×1.3 mm
3 saw speed (3 gears) 18, 45, 70 m/min
4 feeding speed stepless  mm/min
5 main power 5.5 kw
6 hydraulic power 1.1 kw
7 coolant power 0.06 kw
8 Hydraulic oil tank volume 100 L
9 Hydraulic system pressure 3 Mpa
10 Machine size 3000x1000x1600 mm
11 machine load-bearing 5 T

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