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Metal Shaper Machine Price

Main Feature:
1. Optimized principle design, beautiful appearance of the machine and convenient operation.
2. Both vertical and horizontal rail surfaces adopt rectangular rails for better stability.
3. Adopt advanced super audio frequency quenching technology to make the machine life longer.
4. It is suitable for planing the plane, T-slot and forming surface of various small and medium-sized parts, and can be used for single-piece and mass production.

Specifications for B6063/6066 Shape machine
 Maximum cutting length(mm)
 Maximum distance from ram bottom to table surface(mm)
 Maximum table horizontal travel(mm)
 Maximum table vertical travel(mm)
 Dimensions of table top surface(L×W)(mm)
 Travel of tool head(mm)
 Number of ram strokes per minute
 Swivel of tool head(°)
 Maximum size of tool shank(W×T)(mm)
 Range of table power feed
 Power of mortr(kw)
 Overall dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)
 1750/1870     1800/1920

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