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Z3050 * 16 common faults and troubleshooting

1. Press the start button and the main motor does not rotate. Cause analysis: the main power switch is not turned on; The start button does not contact well, the contactor does not pull in, the wiring in the main motor junction box and electrical panel does not contact well or the connector falls off. Troubleshooting: turn on the main power switch; Check the start button connector; Check all contacts of the contactor in the electrical cabinet; Check the connection of the motor.

2. Cause analysis of oil leakage on the main shaft and outer surface: the oil in the mailbox is filled too much and leaks from the top of the bearing seat. Troubleshooting: when filling oil, do not make the oil exceed the mark in the center of the oil scale

3. Cause analysis of oil leakage of shell lead screw: the oil pool is filled with too much oil, and the excess oil leaks from the bearing on the lead screw. Troubleshooting: fill oil according to the marked amount on the oil mark, which shall not exceed the center mark

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