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90% of Lathe Manufacturers are not as Profitable as a Influencer?

When many companies made year-end summaries, they found a surprising phenomenon:A influencer can earn about 200 million yuan a year, which is higher than the profitability of 90% of lathe manufacturers.

1. Lathe manufacturers- low profits and high cost of manual lathes / CNC lathes
The traditional industry of lathes is tiring, dirty and bitter. The world outlook and values of young people have undergone tremendous changes. In fact, there is no right or wrong, but today’s people are becoming more and more impetuous!

The lathe manufacturing industry is an indispensable industry for a country, because in the machinery industry, sometimes I feel a dilemma, I am anxious every day, and my future is lost. It is necessary to calculate costs and expenses every day, as well as some payroll taxes. These are rigid demands. Where the expenditure is slow, it is likely to cause the company to be paralyzed. Income often falls short of making ends meet is the norm. In earlier years, when prices were low, there was still room for profit. But these years, raw material prices are rising, labor costs are rising, and only lathe machine/CNC lathe machine prices are very low.

The company’s profit is already very meager, but it still has to deal with various power departments frequently, to be responsible for product monitoring, to manage sales, to calculate financial and human resources, and to understand the law. Wherever there is a problem, the company will be in crisis immediately. And there is no one to share the troubles for you (most of the family members don’t understand because they don’t have time to spend with them).

2.Will lathe manufacturers transform?
“Reform and opening up to become rich” depends on industry, and in the future, China will need to rely on industry to “get stronger”. We must always be soberly aware that for a country with the largest population in the world, manufacturing was, is, and will be the foundation of the country, and its importance cannot be overemphasized. As the owner of the machine tool, we must also adjust our mentality, not to follow the trend, not to be greedy. The road to success requires not only money and connections, but also courage and wisdom,Therefore, a good lathe manufacturing company will never transform into a “Influencer”.

3.ANTISHICNC Lathe manufacturers should keep principles in mind
Dare to break through the shackles of inherent concepts, look at your work from different angles or higher, and find new breakthrough points for improvement. If you think of a good improvement plan, you should implement it immediately. Even if the plan is not perfect, you can make further improvements based on the implementation results.

Improvement can’t be lofty, but down-to-earth, starting from what you can do with less money and less money around you.

To improve, we must know how to brainstorm, tap team wisdom, and gather team strength.

Lean improvement, there is no best, only better. To believe in lean, as a leading manufacturer of industrial lathe machinery and machine tools in China, Shanghai Antis has 20 years of experience in machine tool production. It has been following the development of the industry for many years and continues to innovate.ANTISHICNC believes that there must be more than now. A good way to continuously improve the quality of the lathe!

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