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Our impression of a general machine tool may be a heavy, floor-standing machine. However, the XK200 desktop CNC machine tool is a desktop mini CNC machine suitable for creative workers or small studios. Its length and width dimensions are small, and With a closed design, there is no need to worry about the debris generated during operation being sprayed randomly, and it is more suitable for use in indoor spaces. Debris is no longer flying all over the sky. The author previously introduced many simple CNC machine tools, such as the smaller Pocket NC, Eleksmill, or the larger Maslow CNC, which can be controlled by a computer to automatically control various materials. Cutting, drilling, etc. are performed to carve the raw material into the desired shape. However, the above several machines have a common problem, that is, they all adopt an open design and do not have a protective shield that can block. Therefore, the debris or dust generated during the cutting process can easily be scattered around and cause The sequelae of a messy environment. XK200 is a desktop CNC machine with a closed hatch. After the user puts the raw materials into the work area, the hatch can be closed, so that the debris can be concentrated inside the fuselage, making it easier to clean up .

It can be placed in the office with low noise; it is often used in the processing of small parts in scientific research institutions. The materials can be processed: copper, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, ceramics and other materials; it has the processing ability of metal parts, steel parts can also be processed, and the processing accuracy is also It can meet the requirements of industrial grade, but the cutting allowance is relatively small and the workpiece that can be processed is small. Its operation panel, operation method and numerical control processing instructions are exactly the same as those of industrial numerical control machine tools. According to our many years of sales experience analysis, the personnel who use this equipment are distributed in various industries, such as materials research institutes for processing tensile specimens, ceramics and powder metallurgy processing industries, and first boards for laboratories. Small parts processing, useful for school maker studios; in general, the four-axis linkage small CNC drilling machine is a tool with a higher degree of automation, and the purchase price is relatively cheap; the space occupation is small; the power consumption is less, only five points of the industrial machine tool One or even one tenth! Less consumables.

The main technical parameters
Workbench: 400X90mm
X-axis travel (transverse): 210mm
Y-axis travel (longitudinal) 95mm
Z axis travel (vertical) 200mm
A axis (rotation angle) 360 degrees
Spindle speed: 3500 rpm, optional 24000 rpm high-speed electric spindle
Workbench load: 20KG
Screw: C3 level grinding
CNC system: 980MC industrial-grade CNC system
Electronic hand pulse: 4-axis three-speed adjustable
Repeat positioning accuracy: 0.02
Weight: 130KG
Dimensions: 845×580×850mm

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