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Analysis of the cause of CNC band saw machine wrong parameters

First, the parameters of the CNC system are important data obtained by a series of tests and adjustments. Parameters are usually stored in RAMs maintained by battery power. Different systems have different parameters, but the number of parameters is very large. Some parameters are set by machine tool manufacturers, and some parameters can be set by machine tool manufacturers and users. During the use of the user, the setting of the parameters can be set to set the settings and calls of servo -driven, processing conditions, machine tool coordinates, operating functions, data transmission, etc. If the parameter setting is error, the operation of the CNC sawing machine and CNC system will have a adverse effect.

Second, the cause of parameter failure.

During the use of CNC saws, parameter failures will occur. The main reasons are:

(1) CNC system backup batteries fail. The failure of the backup battery will cause all parameters to lose. Therefore, when the machine tool is working normally, a report of alarm with a low battery voltage on the display shows that the battery that meets the system requirements should be replaced in accordance with the requirements of the system production factory operation steps within a week. The long -term suspension of machine tools, the most prone to the failure of the reserve battery is the phenomenon of failure. It should be regularly operated by the machine tool for a period of time. The extension of the entire system’s service life is great.

(2) Misunderstanding of the operator. Due to misunderstanding, sometimes all parameters are eliminated and sometimes changes individual parameters. In order to avoid such situations, the operators should be used to strengthen the technical training before and in the job, formulate feasible operating procedures and strictly implement them.

(3)Switching machines to process the workpiece under DNC or during the data communication process, the power outage of the grid instantly will cause the CNC sawing bed parameters to be lost.


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