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ANTS Drilling machine

Drilling machine refers to a machine tool that mainly uses a drill to machine holes in a work piece. Usually the drill rotation is the main movement, and the axial movement of the drill bit is the feed movement.The drilling machine structure is simple, the machining accuracy is relatively low, can drill through holes, blind holes, replace special tools, can be expanded, reaming, reaming or tapping and other processing.In the process of machining, the work piece does not move, so that the tool moves, the tool center to the center of the hole, and the tool rotation (main motion).The characteristic of drilling machine is that the work piece is fixed and the tool is rotated.

The actual function of the drilling machine is a universal machine tool with a wide range of uses, which can process parts such as drilling, reaming, reaming, spot facing and tapping.When the drilling machine is equipped with process equipment, it can also be boring, and the universal table can also be used for drilling, reaming and reaming.Its basic classification is vertical, bench top, rocker, deep hole drilling machine, center hole drilling machine, milling drilling machine, horizontal drilling machine.

After nearly 20 years of technical accumulation, Shanghai ANTS has expanded its products into six categories, including grinding Machine, milling machine, sawing machine, lathe, Planing machine & Slotting machine and drilling machine.Among them, the best-selling drilling machine are CNC drilling & milling machine,Vertical drilling machine and Radial drilling machine.

Shanghai ANTS is a professional company that produces and sells machine tools for aerospace, military industry, agricultural machinery, petroleum equipment, ship equipment, automobile manufacturing, instrumentation, coal mining, power equipment and other industries throughout the country and even abroad. Not only has it formed a mature sales network in China, but also exported to Many countries such as South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc., and is praised and trusted by the majority of users.Shanghai Antis focuses on strict and effective management. Product quality and service are the eternal themes we pursue. The company will always adhere to the principle of “pursuing excellence and sincere service” the aim is to provide users with high-quality products and fast and thoughtful after-sales service.

As a basic industry, Shanghai ANTS is committed to providing excellent machining equipment for the industry at an ideal price to help it improve the overall industry products, strive to build China’s machine tool manufacturing industry outstanding brand, so that China’s machinery and equipment die parts machinery processing industry can surpass the development.

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