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ANTISHI Machine EQUIPMENT Company successfully exported 1set X6323A Turret milling machine to Porland

Recently, our company successfully exported 1 set turret milling machine to a company in Porland. After comprehensively comparing multiple factories, the customer finally chose to cooperate with ANTS Machine Company, which fully demonstrates the quality of our company’s products. And customer service level has been recognized by customers. At present, the equipment has been sent to the customer’s location. I hope that the turret milling machine of the ANTISHI brand can be put into the customer’s production site as soon as possible!

Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHI Origin country FOB Shanghai
Product Name Turret milling machine Model No. X6323A Export Country PORLAND
Customer Introduction Customer is a workshop repair automotive parts with many years experience in metal parts manufacturing and maintenance
Equipment Application Our turret milling machine is used for the stainless steel pipes drilling.
Equipment Picture
Application Picture Turret milling machine is a light general-purpose metal cutting machine with two functions of vertical and horizontal milling. It can mill planes, bevels, grooves and splines of small and medium parts. It is widely used in machining, mold, instrument, meter and other industries.

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