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Processing of Cold Saw Blade of High Speed Circular Sawing Machine

In the process of sawing with a circular saw, the heat generated by the saw blade sawing the workpiece is transferred to the sawdust through the sawtooth, and the sawed workpiece and the saw blade remain cool, hence the name cold sawing, which is what we call cold saw blade.

1. Circular sawing machine cold saw blade to cut material

Carbon steel, alloy steel

Special steel: stainless steel bar, spring steel, sulfur and sulfur composite free-cutting steel, high carbon chromium bearing steel, die steel;

Material: Alloy steel pipe for structure, carbon steel pipe for ordinary structure.

Range: tensile strength≤800N/mm2, VC≤200m/min (ordinary steel pipe, thin-walled steel pipe)

Material: carbon steel pipe for mechanical structure, angle steel pipe for general structure

Range: tensile strength ≥ 800N/mm2, VC ≥ 200m/min (thin-walled steel pipe, ordinary steel pipe);

Material: stainless steel pipe (thin-walled steel pipe)

2. Features of cold saw blade of circular saw

a. Improve the stability of the precision of the cold saw blade of the circular saw when cutting the workpiece

From market research, according to the actual use situation, it took a lot of manpower and material resources to develop a special technology to optimize the substrate of the saw blade, and continuously improve the stability of the precision of the cold saw blade during cutting, and the heat caused by friction during the sawing process. The rigidity of the substrate is reduced, and it has a special pit.

b. The vibration of the sawtooth is effectively relieved to prevent the saw blade from producing beveled cuts

Through the technical cooperation and research and development of advanced saw blade manufacturers from many countries, the unique side shape of the cold saw is designed, which can effectively reduce the vibration generated by the saw blade during sawing, and control the source of the miter cutting of the cold saw blade to minimize the damage to the saw blade. unfavorable factors.

c. Increase the use time of sawing for different materials and different circular sawing equipment

Classification can achieve the best cold sawing plan (the choice of cold saw blades for ironworkers is diversified), which ensures the service life of sawing and at the same time improves the quality of the cut workpiece.

d. Breaking through the speed limit, higher-speed sawing operations can be achieved. The use of specially-treated saw teeth (commonly known as “knife head”) enables flexible sawing (increased) per tooth, which is more flexible than the commonly used high-speed steel saw blades on the market. It can run at a higher speed; improve the efficiency of sawing.

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