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Steel bar cutting and sawing machine processing

If there is deviation during the processing of reinforcement cutting sawing machine

1、 The distance between the two guide arms is too large. Adjust the distance between the guide arms, which is generally 6-10cm larger than the material.

2、 The small bearing of the sawing machine clamped in the guide angle may be damaged. Just replace the small bearing.

3、 The feeding speed of steel bar cutting sawing machine is too fast. Adjust the speed regulating valve to slow down the feeding speed.

4、 The saw blade clamped by the guide angle of the guide arm is not perpendicular to the workbench of the sawing machine: install the saw blade and adjust the bolts of the saw guide angle to make the saw blade perpendicular to the workbench.

5、 The saw blade may be loose. Tighten the saw blade. The band saw blade may be worn. If the saw blade has repair value, it can be repaired, or the saw blade of steel bar cutting saw machine can be directly replaced.

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