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Application of Tube sheets heat exchanger in CNC drilling machine

Heat exchanger has many tubes running through a sealed shell, and by covering the tubes with fluids that hold different thermal energies, the heat energy is exchanged between the fluid in the tubes and the fluid in the shell.

Tube sheets have holes drilled to accept a series of tubes inside of an enclosed tubular pressure vessel. These pressure vessels, commonly referred to as shell and tube heat exchangers, are the most common heat exchangers used in oil refineries and large chemical plants.

Tube sheet is the support for the tubes in the heat exchanger.

Materials:Carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex steels,alloy steels.

Drilling is the most important process of tube sheets, and how to improve drilling efficiency, reduce errors, and reduce labor costs are the key factors of mature ANTISHICNC offers a wide range of tools and solutions to improve tube sheet production.

CNC drilling machine aims to drilling holes on the metal plate of building steel structure, power iron tower and petrochemical equipment. It adopts gantry type structure. The axis X, Y and Z are drove by servo motor through precise ball guide screw. It positions automatically, precisely and quickly and finishes the processing of drilling automatically. Therefore, it highly improves the precision and speed. Meanwhile, it avoids repairing and scraping caused by manual position or drilling error.

Automatic chip removal and circulation cooling system reduce the nonproductive time and labor intensity. The operator only need to load and unload work piece and change the drills.

The advanced CNC drilling power heads can automatically adjust to optimizing feeding speed and rotational speed through computer control according to different diameter of holes. This machine use Taiwan made BT50 spindle, inner cooling type, high accuracy spindle. It can use carbide drill. Machine also adopts pneumatic tools cylinder, to make tools change more easier. The big power main spindle motor is driven by servo synchronization belt. This is can bear big scope of rotation speed.

This CNC drilling machine is designed according to the workpiece features and precision requirements; it has compact form and is flexible, it meets the processing requirements better. No matter the holes are arranged as circle or straight line, it can finish the work quickly and accurately. Therefore, this machine is cost-effective choice.

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