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CT200 Multi-station Turret Composite Grinding Machine

Product description :

●Workbench Central Height:135 mm

●Workpiece length:max.300 mm

●Inner hole grinding length:max.150 mm

●Cylindrical grinding length:max.100 mm

●Lateral X axis Maximum stroke:500 mm

●Lateral X axis Maximum speed:12000 mm/min

●Lateral X axis Resolution:0.0001 mm

●Longitudinal Z axis Maximum stroke:300mm

●Longitudinal Z axis Maximum speed:12000mm/min

●Longitudinal Z axis Resolution:0.0001mm

●Grinding spindle seat Spindle arrangement:turret arrangement

●Grinding spindle seat Maximum number of spindles:4

●Grinding spindle seat Inner spindle:dia. 100/120 mm

●Grinding spindle seat Cylindrical grinding wheel:max.250 mm

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