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CNC Milling Machine Vertical Machining Center

Product Description
This series of vertical machining centers adopts the moving structure of cross slide table and slide rail, and is mainly used in the processing of medium and small complex parts.
The computer-aided engineering (CAE) system is used to complete the structural optimization design of the machine tool to improve the reliability of the machine tool. The finite element method is used to scientifically analyze and optimize the design structure to ensure the rigidity and stability of the overall structure of the machine tool.
It can complete various processing such as milling, drilling, expanding, boring, tapping, and milling profiles in one clamping.
It is suitable for parts with high machining accuracy, many processes and complex shapes.
It is a key facility for general machinery, mold, aviation, energy, transportation and other industries.

 Parameters / Model Unit VMC650
Table Size(length*width) mm 800×500
Max Loading Weight kg 400
Number-width x distance mm 5-18×90
XYIZ Travel mm 650/500/500
Max .Distance From spindle nose to Table Surface mm 120-620
Spindle center to Z axis guide surface mm 550
Spindle motor power kW 7.5/11
Max. Spindle Speed rpm 10000
Spindle Taper BT40
3 axis rapid speed m/min 48/48/48
Max cutting speed m/min 10
Pull stud MAS403 BT40-45°
ATC capacity BT40-24T
Max. Diameter of to’length mm Φ85×350
Positioning Accuracy mm ±0.004
Repeatability Accuracy mm ±0.003
Machine Size (L”W*H) mm 2100x2600x2650
Machine Weight Kg 4900

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