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Appointment of equipment

Centerless grinding machine is designed for contour processing of parts with high accuracy and roughness of the machined surface. Centerless grinding machine must process workpieces made of magnetic alloys on small pox systems SmCo and NdFeB, various steels, graphite.

Described equipment.
The equipment provides the possibility of processing (grinding) the outer cylindrical surface of magites. The product is placed between two grinding wheels, held by a special support with a bevel, due to which it is pressed against the driving wheel (smaller diameter). Removal of the metal layer is carried out by an abrasive wheel of a larger diameter, which rotates at a speed of 80 to 100 times the speed of rotation of the small (leading) grinding wheel. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a special supporting surface under the circles of rotation, which can be shifted in one direction perpendicular to the plane of rotation of the abrasive wheels. This surface is used to support the workpiece during grinding work.

The composition of the equipment. Centerless grinder BSH-80 or equivalent with a set of options: holder of the workpiece to be grinded “for passage; – the holder of the workpiece to be grinded is cut-in; blade “for passage” and “cut-in”.

Technical characteristics of the equipment.
Diameter of the workpiece to be grinded, mm 3- 80.
Distance between grinding wheels, mm 305-510.
Accuracy of handwheel feed, mm 0.005.
The resulting surface roughness Ra, no more than 0.35 microns.
Grinding wheel size, mm 500 x 150 x 305.
Feed wheel size, mm 300 x 150 x 127.
Grinding wheel rotation frequency, not less, rpm 1300.
Feed wheel rotation frequency, rpm 5-250

Weight and dimensions and power consumption.
Overall dimensions WxDxH, no more, mm 2000 x 1800 x 1500.
Weight, no more, kg 3700 Operating voltage, V 380.
Frequency, Gi 50.
Power consumption, no more, kW 17.

Requirements for the monitoring and control system.
Operations to be performed on the equipment and the level of their automation: Preparation for work – manual; .
Loading and unloading of materials – manual;
Setting of technological parameters – manual;
Switching between different technological modes of operation of the installation – manual;
Maintaining the specified technological parameters during the operation of the installation in any of the technological modes – automatic with the ability to switch to manual control mode;
Process end time signaling – automatic. The control system should provide:

Process end time signaling – automatic. The control system should provide: 5 out of 7 Centerless grinding machine. indication of the modes of the technological process and the current states of the mechanisms; signaling of emergency conditions

The control panel must have a Russian interface convenient for use. The grinding process must be started by pressing a button on the control panel. The control system must notify the operator about the occurrence of abnormal situations.

Requirements for measurement lines Not applicable
Equipment acceptance program Delivery – acceptance of the installation is carried out in two stages:. acceptance at the Supplier’s enterprise; acceptance at the Customer’s enterprise before putting it into commercial operation. Acceptance at each stage is carried out by a commission of authorized representatives of the Supplier and the Customer according to the method developed by the Supplier and agreed and approved by the Customer. Acceptance at the enterprise of the Supplier (Equipment Manufacturer), by agreement of the parties, can be carried out in the format of a video report. The acceptance program in the video report format is agreed between the Customer and the Supplier. The availability of special measuring instruments and devices required for acceptance tests is provided by the Supplier. The test results are documented in a protocol in the form established by the Supplier. After installation and commissioning of the unit by the Supplier at the Customer’s premises, the unit is accepted by the Customer in accordance with the agreed test program.

Documentation requirements

The equipment is handed over to the Customer with the following documentation:
a technical passport for technological equipment or other document containing all the essential technical characteristics of technological equipment in English;
Instructions for installation and commissioning of technological equipment in English;
Safety instructions;
User manual (operation manual) for technological equipment in English; .
A copy of the certificate of conformity, the Declaration of Conformity of the Technical Regulations of the customs union;
Commissioning schedule;
Documentation containing information on the presence / absence of precious metals in the equipment.
Attach: energy requirements; weight and size characteristics; a diagram of equipment connections to energy carriers with an indication of the nominal values ​​of the connections.
Operational documentation for the equipment included in the installation is handed over to the customer in full scope of delivery.

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