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Vertical and Horizontal Spindle Machining Center

Configuration 9 KW Spindle+Tracking Mode Circular Servo Tools Change
Working Area 1220*2440*200 mm
Transmission Imported High Precision 3 Axis Ball Screw Transmission
Table Structure Thickened Vacuum Adsorption Table
Drive and Servo Motor SYNTEC/DELTA
Max Travelling Speed 80 m/min
Max Working Speed 30 m/min
Spindle Rotary Speed 0-24000 r/min
Working Voltage AC380V/3 PHASE/50 HZ
Control System SYNTEC/DELTA

It is a powerful drilling machine that can process all five faces and grooves at one time. It can completely replace traditional panel saws and group drills and get rid of the dependence of traditional stamping methods on skilled workers. Combined with professional production design software, it realizes true intelligent production with high precision and fast speed.

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