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Automatic CNC Precision Surface Grinding Machine

Max. size of workpiece be ground (LxWx H)
Max. grinding length
Max. grinding width
Distance from table surface to spindle center
Max. loading capacity
Table size (L x W)
Number of T-Slot
Speed of working
3 23
Cross feed on handwheel
Vertical feed on Handwheel
Wheel size (dia. x width x bore)
Spindle speed 50Hz
Spindle moto
Coolant pump
Minimum of numberical display
Macine size (Lx w x H)
Packing size (Lx W x H)
Gross net (Weight)

This machine is mainly suitable for pipe ends, taper pipe threads, pipe, tube, rod drilling, etc., it has the character of power, good rigidity, high precision and good performance fanuc and Siemens numerical control system is used, it is the reliability of the safe and reliable machine can guarantee that the pulse encoder as the measuring element, longitudinal and transverse feed form a half closed loop control.

The workpiece is absorbed by the rectangular electromagnetic workbench or clamped on the workbench for longitudinal reciprocating motion. The grinding wheel holder can move intermittently along the slide seat dovetail guide rail (see machine tool guide rail), and the slide seat can move intermittently vertically along the column guide rail. Grinding workpiece with grinding wheel, grinding precision is high.

Optical glass is a general term for the glass materials used to manufacture optical components (lenses, prisms, mirrors, etc.) in optical instruments or mechanical systems. Optical glass is widely used in laser technology, optoelectronic communication, aerospace and national defense industry because of its stable physical and chemical properties, high optical uniformity, good wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

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