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Double Column Horizontal Band Saw Gz4230 Made in China

1. Band saw blade, with better stability and cutting accuracy;
2. Fast and simple blade speed switching;
3. Soft steel plate cutting machine with built-in cooling system;
4. Equipped with steel brushes and work lights;
5. The clamping adopts hydraulic control, and the tension adopts manual control;
6. Optional parts of the cutting machine: roller conveyor, automatic chip cutting device, lower clamping device;
7. Cutting capacity from 100mm to 2000mm, larger capacity, OEM is acceptable.

Model GZ4226 GZ4230
Cutting capacity Round: Φ260mm Round: Φ300mm
Rectangular: 260 X 260 mm Rectangular: 300 X 300 mm
Blade Size 3152×27×0.9 mm 3505×27×0.9 mm
Main Motor 2.2KW 3.0KW
Oil pump motor 0.37KW 0.55KW
Cooling motor 0.04KW 0.04KW
Working clamping Hydraulic Hydraulic
Blade tension Manual Manual
Blade speed(m/min) 40/60/80 40/60/80
Machine size 1650X850X1350mm 1700X900X1400mm
Weight 600Kg 800KG

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