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Radial drilling machine manufacturers’ requirements for manufacturing accuracy

Radial drilling machine is a kind of precision manufacturing equipment. Therefore, the accuracy of radial drilling is directly related to the vital interests of the downstream customers of the machine tool. If the radial drilling machine of the parts manufacturer has a problem, a large number of products will be unavailable, which directly affects the customer’s economy. Benefit, so the reputation of the radial drilling machine manufacturer is based on the accuracy of the product.

In order to ensure the machining accuracy of radial drills, the following points need to be done:
1. When the radial drill is processing, it is necessary to match the spindle taper hole with the drill taper shank, and it is best to use a special grinding taper hole.
2. The main shaft sleeve of the radial drilling machine and the box guide shaft sleeve are backed to the mother to ensure that the error is within the controllable range.
3. In order to ensure the reset accuracy and firm installation of the radial drilling machine, the workpiece needs to be readjusted.
4. During inspection, if it is found that the workpiece is not used properly. The clamping position should be selected reasonably and the clamping should be performed correctly.
5. If the spindle is scratched, it will cause the drill bit to not be vertical. The scraper is used for smooth and tidy trimming, and the difference is less than 0.02mm.

The accuracy requirements of radial drilling machines should be met in the processing and manufacturing of various workpieces. It is also required to be able to complete the requirements of some types of products completed by the drilling machine to meet the needs of some customers with many types. The radial drilling machine is installed according to the standard, and the hole is drilled with a high-speed drill, and the maximum drilling diameter and the minimum drilling diameter are specified. In order to improve production efficiency and simplify the use of workers, but also to ensure the accuracy and stability of the workpiece, the use of radial drilling machines must be adapted to the production needs of large parts processing enterprises. Because the radial drilling machine has a wide range of use, it must be lubricated in strict accordance with the machine tool lubrication standard when using it. The lubricating oil should be clean, free of acid, water and hard particles, etc.; when it is not used for a long time, it needs to be protected against rust and rain. The radial drilling machines and vertical drilling machines produced by ANTS MACHINE are well-made and attentive. They are the leader of Chinese drilling machines and are worthy of trust! If you need machine tools equipment. Please take a look at ANTISHI company. They are online 24 hours a day.

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