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Basic operating requirements of Z5140B vertical drilling machine

1. Z5140B and Z5150B series square column vertical drilling machines are universal machine tools. The drilling diameter of the machine tool is Z5140B: ¢40mm; Z5150B: ¢40mm (on 50-60kgf/mm steel and on cast iron with Brinell hardness HB=220, the drilling capacity is ¢40mm and ¢50mm respectively).

2. Z5140B and Z5150B are fixed workbenches; Z5140B-1 and Z5150B-1 are cross workbenches.

3. In addition to drilling, this machine can also ream, drill countersinks, counterfaces, reaming, tapping, etc.

4. This machine tool has high efficiency, good rigidity, high precision, low noise and wide speed range. If the workbench is a cross workbench, the workbench can be fed vertically, vertically, and vertically.

5. Concentrated operation, novel appearance, convenient use and maintenance, suitable for single-piece small batch production workshops such as repair tools, and if equipped with drill fixtures, it is also suitable for batch production workshops.

Attention about the dangerous situation of Z5140B vertical drilling machine:
①Do not touch some control panels, transformers, motors, and high-voltage terminals and other parts, otherwise it may cause electric shock.

②Do not touch the switch with wet hands, otherwise it will cause electric shock.

Instructions for using Z5140B:
①Should be very familiar with the position of the emergency stop switch, so that when you need to use it, you can press it without looking for it.

②Before installing the fuse, be sure to power off the machine tool.

③Water or oil can make the ground slippery and cause danger. In order to prevent accidents, the working ground should be kept clean and dry.

④There must be enough working space to avoid danger.

⑤Be sure to confirm before using the switch and make no mistake.

⑥Do not touch the switch randomly.

⑦The workpiece should be firmly fixed on the worktable to prevent accidents. Avoid objects from sliding off the work surface.

⑧ If a task needs to be completed by two or more people, then a coordinated signal should be specified in each step of the operation, otherwise, do not proceed to the next step.

Customers should pay attention when using Z5140B:

When the power supply part fails, the main circuit switch should be turned off immediately.

Use recommended lubricating oil or approved oil of equivalent performance.

It is necessary to prevent the operation panel, electrical control panel, etc. from being impacted, otherwise it may cause malfunctions and make the equipment work improperly.

Do not stain, scratch or remove the warning signs. If the handwriting on the sign has become illegible or missing.

New signs should be ordered from the vertical drilling machine manufacturer. The part number of the label must be marked when ordering.

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