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Vertical universal drilling and milling machine

The dry running test of the vertical universal drilling and milling machine includes the following contents:

(1) Before the test, all parts and grooves of the machine tool should be checked, and the chips and dirt inside should be removed.

(2) All fastening screws and adjusting screws must be tightened and adjusted.

(3) The fixed connection surface should fit tightly and cannot be inserted when tested with a 0.03mm feeler gauge. For the mating surface of the sliding rail, in addition to the coloring method to check the contact point, a 0.04mm feeler gauge should be inserted into its end, and the depth should not be greater than 20mm.

(4) Check the working accuracy and action accuracy of the automatic device and the stopper.

(5) The main shaft should be able to move smoothly, and the weight of the handle should not exceed 5kg.

(6) After the machine tool is connected to the circuit, the main motion mechanism starts at the lowest speed, and the running time of each speed in sequence shall not be less than 2min. At the highest speed, it should run for enough time to make the spindle bearing reach a stable temperature (not less than 0.5h, and the temperature must not exceed 70°C).

(7) Check the reliability and correctness of each handle, and it should be able to be moved easily. For the handle used for speed change and feed rate, the external force applied shall not be greater than 40N.

(8) Check whether the flow of lubricating oil in the oil window is normal, and whether there is any leakage of the bushing of the cover.

(9) At various speeds and feed rates, the rotation of each part should be stable without significant impact and noise.

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