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Features of fully automatic band sawing machine

In industrial production, sawing machines play a very important role. There are many types of sawing machines. Among them, automatic band sawing machines are recognized by everyone and deeply loved by everyone.
The main reasons are as follows:
1. Fully automatic CNC horizontal band sawing machine, suitable for continuous cutting in mass production.
2. PLC control, touch screen display, intelligent man-machine interface, easy to operate.
3. Double-column gantry structure, guided by linear guides, driven by hydraulic cylinders, flexible in lifting and lowering, and high in sawing precision.
4. Adopt hydraulic clamp structure, fast speed, small space and stable clamping.
5. The intelligent sawing program can automatically detect the change of force in the sawing process and change the sawing speed, which improves the sawing efficiency, avoids violent sawing, and effectively prolongs the service life of the saw blade.
6. The feeding control system with servo motor as the core realizes the high precision of feeding.
7. Steel brush type chip cleaning to ensure that the sawdust is thoroughly cleaned. Equipped with screw conveyor at the same time.

Among them, the most important reason is the PLC control system of the automatic band sawing machine. PLC is an electronic device specially designed for use in industrial environments for digital operation operations. It selects a memory that can be programmed to store and perform logical operations, sequential operations, timing, counting and arithmetic operations in its internal storage. Operation instructions, and can control the cutting process of CNC sawing machine through digital or analog input and output. The PLC system has high reliability and flexibility; perfect fault diagnosis ability, convenient repair; strong anti-interference ability; simple programming; its versatility and strong adaptability; very important effect. Powerful, sensitive, easy to learn and use, small size, light weight and low price. The PLC numerical control system solves the operation problems of the large band sawing machine, saves labor and improves the efficiency of the sawing machine processing.

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