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Safety Operation Regulations for Test Machine Inspection of New Band Saw Machine

1. Check before processing
a. Whether the saw wheel is running in the correct direction.
b. Whether the band saw tension is proper.
c. Is the system pressure sufficient? Is the rear bracket level with the workbench?

2. The material should be selected reasonably according to the specifications of the material to be cut:
a. The tooth pitch of the saw band.
b. Appropriate cutting amount.
c. And adjust the position of the guide arm and the position of the end of the saw frame’s rotation axis.

3. Test run with an empty car first to check whether the operation is stable, the clamping device is reliable, whether there is noise, whether the saw band is vertical, and whether the saw frame is swinging.

4. During processing, strictly follow the procedures and adjust the cutting amount appropriately according to the cutting situation.

5. In multi-body cutting, a reasonable number of roots should be selected to ensure that each root is in a clamped state, and the sawn material is removed from the band saw in time.

6. When working, the operator should not stay away from the sawing machine, and stick to the post to observe and find abnormalities and pick up the saw frame or stop in time.

7. Remove chips in the workbench and saw wheel box in time, and always check the cleanliness and oil volume of the coolant and hydraulic oil.

7. Check whether the process technical parameters of the processed product meet the requirements in time.

9. Add enough lubricating oil at ordinary times, replace the lubricating oil in the wheel box every year, and add oil seals to the guide rail and processing surface when it is not in use.

10. After the work is over, clean the sawing machine, add lubricating oil, and cut off the power supply.

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