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The structure principle of cylindrical grinder

Cylindrical grinders are divided into ordinary cylindrical grinders and cylindrical grinders. On ordinary cylindrical grinders, the outer cylindrical surface and outer conical surface of the workpiece can be ground, and the cylindrical grinder can also grind the inner cylindrical surface, inner conical surface and end surface. . The main parameter of the cylindrical grinder is the maximum grinding diameter.

1.Work Ideas

Cylindrical grinder is a grinder (also called top center grinder or cylindrical grinder) that uses a grinding wheel as a tool to grind cylindrical steel parts into precise concentricity


The main machine is composed of bed, head, tail, grinding head, transmission dust collector and other components. The three parts of the head, the grinding head can be rotated, the jig for grinding the thimble and the chamfering of the top roller, the dynamic balance frame, and the top roller detector are ordered by the customer.


1.The bearing of the grinding wheel spindle adopts a conical shaped oil wedge movable bearing, and the grinding wheel spindle still has high bearing rigidity at low speed

2.The guide rail of the grinding wheel frame adopts the cross-roller rigid guide, and the semi-automatic feeding mechanism adopts the rotary cylinder.

3.The tailstock shaft system has the characteristics of no gap rigidity, and the electrical box, hydraulic box and cooling box are separated from the machine tool.

4.Rich grinding indicator and coolant filter.

5.The speed of the headstock has that AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.

6.Programmable controller (pc) is adopted for electrical, which has self-diagnosis function and is very convenient for maintenance.

7. Optional automatic measuring instrument.


Cylindrical grinder is mainly used for precision grinding of the end face, outer circle and conical surface of batches of shaft parts. It is the main equipment in automobile engine and other industries. It is also suitable for the processing of shaft parts with small batches and high precision requirements in military, aerospace, and general precision machining workshops.

⑴Used in the textile spinning industry, coarse and fine yarn frame, draw frame, combing machine, texturing machine and other top roller processing.

⑵Used in the production and manufacturing of office communication equipment industry, fax machines, copiers, printers, carving machines and other rubber roller processing.

⑶It is suitable for the top rollers and plastic processing of automatic conveying devices in the printing, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

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