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CK0640 CNC Lathe machine with automation devices

Technical Parameter

The CK0640 series CNC horizontal lathe is suitable for mass production of various shafts, valve guides and other parts such as outer circles, arbitrary tapers, grooves, and other complex processes for precision automated processing. It omits the need for manual “manual” processing of traditional CNC machine tools. It is an upgraded replacement product for ordinary CNC machine tools and is widely used by customers in automated production lines.

Item Unit CK0640-300
Max   swing over bed Φ/mm 300
Max  swing over slide Φ/mm 120
Spindle End Form mm A2-5 paired spindle
Spindle through hole diameter Φmm 48
Spindle speed r/mm 2500
Spindle motor power KW 4
X-axis   feed m/min 8
Z-axis feed m/min 8
Turning tool specification mm 20
X/Z axis repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Precision mm ±0.01
Max X- axis travel mm 290
Max Z-axis travel mm 90
Rail form Hard rail
X direction screw mm 2505*600
Z direction screw mm 3206*520
X-axis motor torque Nm 4
Z-axis motor torque Nm 4
Machine  weight KG 750
Machine  size L*W*H(mm) 1600*1380*1580

Product Parts

Name Specification Quantity
Machine CK0640-300 1 set
CNC system GSK928 1 pic
Server Driver With GSK928 2 sets
X, Z servo motor With GSK928 2 sets
main motor China 4KW 1 set
Spindle bearing China 1 set
screw China 1 set
Main motor inverter China 1 pic
Air switch China 1 set
Oil pump China 1 set
Intermediate relay China 1 set
Clamping method Air clip 1 set

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