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Three kinds of feeding equipment characteristics of CNC sawing machine

Because the position of the saw blade of the CNC sawing machine is fixed, and the direction of the sawing data is different, the workpiece must be sent to the sawing position. Generally, there are three feeding methods for the sawing machine:

1. Manual feeding: Manually use the manual feeding rack to send the data to the sawing position. Manually or use a sawing machine to determine the size to be sawed. This method is suitable for small standard data.

2. Mechanical transmission feeding: The feeding roller is driven to rotate by the motor, reducer, sprocket, and chain, and the feeding and retreating buttons are operated to send the workpiece to the bimetallic band saw blade cutting position. This method is suitable for large standard bars or plates, and the accuracy requirements are not high, and mass production materials are not required.

3. Active feeding: The CNC sawing machine generally selects active feeding, which is clamped by hydraulic cylinders, using grating ruler length measuring equipment or stepping (servo) motor to drive the screw rod, gear rack and pinion feeding method, which can actively measure the feeding length and calculate the feeding The sawing machine stops automatically when it reaches the set sawing times. The active feeding method is suitable for mass production, has the advantages of fast speed, stable cutting length, and one person can operate multiple sawing machines.

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