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Five-axis linkage machine tool

A five-axis linkage CNC machine tool refers to a CNC machining that can simultaneously control more than five coordinate axes, including three linear axes (XYZ) and two rotation axes (two of the three ABC rotation axes). After five-axis machining combines various machining functions, the workpiece can be milled, bored, drilled and other processes can be completed after one clamping of the workpiece, which effectively avoids the error caused by multiple clamping , Shorten the production cycle and improve the quality of parts.

Five-axis linkage CNC machine tools can be divided into three modes: “3+2”, “4+1”, and five-axis linkage processing according to the number of linkage axes.

The characteristics of five-axis CNC machining are: the tool can enter the cavity to process parts that cannot be processed by the three-axis. This mode is conducive to the use of short tools to machine the sidewalls and cavities of parts, which improves the rigidity of the tool and reduces vibration. Improve the accuracy of parts; reduce the number of fixtures and floor space; reduce benchmark conversion and improve processing accuracy; shorten the development cycle of new products; shorten the production process chain and simplify production management.

The five-axis linkage CNC machine tool operation process is: according to the processing conditions, use CAD/CAM software to complete the three-dimensional modeling and tool path setting of the part, and generate the CNC program according to the performance of the machine tool; then use the simulation software to perform undercutting, overcutting, and collision Inspection and trial cutting; Finally, the five-axis machine tool is operated to complete the processing of the parts.

In modern mold processing, ball-end milling cutters are commonly used for processing. Ball-end milling cutters bring obvious benefits in mold processing. However, if a vertical machining center is used, the linear velocity of the bottom surface is zero, so the bottom surface finish is very poor. If you use five-axis linkage machine tool processing technology to process molds, the above shortcomings can be overcome. Due to the use of a five-axis linkage machine tool, the clamping of the workpiece becomes easy. There is no need for special fixtures during processing, which reduces the cost of fixtures, avoids multiple clampings, and improves mold processing accuracy. Using five-axis technology to process molds can reduce the number of fixtures used. In addition, because the five-axis linkage machine tool can save many special tools in processing, the tool cost is reduced. The five-axis linkage machine tool can increase the effective cutting edge length of the tool during processing, reduce the cutting force, increase the service life of the tool, and reduce the cost.

Five-axis linkage machine tools include vertical, horizontal and cradle-type two-axis NC tables, NC indexing heads of NC tables, 90°B axis of NC tables, 45°B axis of NC tables, A axis of NC tables, two Axis NC spindle and other types.

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