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The introduction of different saws and developement history

Band saw machine introduction
Sawing machine is a machine tool that uses circular saw blades, saw bands or saw blades as tools to cut metal round materials, square materials, pipe materials and profiles.
The machining accuracy of the sawing machine is generally not very high, and it is mostly used in the material preparation workshop to cut various bars, pipes and other profiles. The driving wheel and the driven wheel drive the saw blade to run, and the cutting direction of the saw blade is controlled by the guide rail control frame.
Align the band saw blade by adjusting the rotation bearing and pass the sweeper to sweep away the saw.
The hydraulic cylinder piston rod supports the guide rail to control the frame to fall into the saw and cut the material. The band saw machine is equipped with a manual or hydraulic cylinder clamping and locking mechanism, and a hydraulic operating valve switch.
The main parts of the sawing machine have a bottom seat; the bed and torque wrench rotate the saw blade counterclockwise to loosen it. After the saw blade is loosened, a new saw blade can be replaced.

Circular sawing machine introduction
The circular saw blade makes a rotating cutting motion and at the same time makes a feed motion with the saw box. Circular sawing machines are divided into horizontal (horizontal feed), vertical (vertical feed) and pendulum (swing feed around a point) according to the saw blade feed direction. In addition, there are various special circular sawing machines, such as oscillating sawing machines for cutting large casting pouring risers; combined saw-drilling machine tools for sawing and drilling of steel rails.

Introduction of bow sawing machine
The saw bow equipped with the saw blade makes reciprocating motion and feeds by the saw frame swinging around a single point. The machine tool has a simple structure, small volume, but low efficiency. The trajectory of the saw blade of the hack saw machine has two kinds of linear and arc. When arcing, the saw bow swings a small angle around a point. Each saw tooth has a large cutting amount, easy chip removal and high efficiency. Most of the new bow sawing machines adopt this method.

Working principle of band sawing machine
The crawler type is different from the wheeled band sawing machine in that it is supported on the ground by a coiled endless crawler. The crawler belt touches the ground, the thorns are inserted into the soil, and the driver is not grounded. Under the action of driving torque, the driving wheel continuously rolls up the crawler belt from the rear through the meshing between the gear teeth on the driving wheel and the track shoe section pin. The part of the crawler that touches the ground gives a backward force to the ground, and accordingly a front reaction force Pk is required to the crawler. This Pk reaction is the driving force that pushes the band saw machine forward. The driving force of the wheeled band sawing machine is directly transmitted to the walking wheel, while the crawler band sawing machine is different. Its driving force Pk is transmitted to the axle of the driving wheel through the crawler belt wound on the driving wheel, and then the axle passes through the band sawing machine. The body is transferred to the driving wheels. When the driving force is sufficient to overcome the rolling resistance and the traction resistance of the agricultural implements, the supporting rollers roll forward on the upper surface of the crawler belt, so that the band sawing machine can move forward. Since the driving wheel continuously rolls the crawler belt to the front section by section, and then spreads it on the ground through the guide wheel, the supporting wheel can continuously roll on the track laid by the crawler belt. It can be seen that the crawler band sawing machine is driven by the interaction between the crawler and the ground through the driving torque through the driving wheel, and the driving force is greater than the sum of the rolling resistance and the traction resistance.
The maximum driving force is the same as that of a wheeled band saw. On the one hand, it depends on the ability of the internal combustion engine, and on the other hand, it is restricted by the attachment conditions between the track and the ground.
Generally speaking, the greater the power of the band saw, the greater the driving force. There are many factors that affect adhesion. As far as the structure of the band saw machine is concerned, reasonable selection of the shape and size of the spur and crawler, and increasing the weight of the crawler within a certain limit, can improve the adhesion and increase the traction of the band saw.
The rolling resistance of the crawler band saw is formed by the vertical deformation of the soil and the friction between the various parts of the walking system. Reduce the rolling resistance and increase the traction of the band saw.
The steering of the crawler band saw is achieved by pulling the steering clutch on one side by hand, and stepping on the brake in the same direction at the same time, so that the crawler on one side is braked and the crawler on the other side is turned.
Modern crawler-type band sawing machines also realize steering through two crawler belts with different speeds.

Sawing machine installation and test machine
1. The hydraulic oil on the sawing machine should be sufficient, and the sliding and rotating parts should be smeared with a layer of oil.
2. Install the saw band on the band sawing machine, adjust the tensioning device (turn the left handle of the saw frame) to make the saw band tighten to a proper level, and adjust the stroke switch contact to just touch the stopper and it is in the open state.
3. Add enough coolant in the cooling water tank.
4. After the above preparations are done, connect the power supply, the grounding must be standard and reliable, turn on the power switch (on the electrical control box), start the saw for testing, correct the wiring according to the direction of rotation indicated on the label, and listen to whether the sound is normal . During operation, the saw bow is automatically lowered, so that the saw band is lowered to 0.5~1mm lower than the worktable, and the limit switch head will automatically rise when it hits the striker. When the height of the limit position is reached, whether it will stop automatically, continue the experiment three times. During the operation, adjust the tensioning device to be in a relaxed state, and let the stroke switch contact to leave the striker block and shut down the power, and the experiment was continued three times.
5. Check the lifting and lowering cylinder device, and check whether the saw bow is lifted and lowered for reliability and flexibility.
6. Check the clamping and loosening cylinder device, check whether the clamping is reliable during clamping, and whether the loosening is flexible.
7. Adjust the speed control knob, adjust to gear 1 (low speed) operation, and then adjust the speed to gear 2 (high speed) operation, repeat the experiment three times.
8. After the power switch of the main motor is turned on, the water pump starts at the same time and the cooling system operates normally. Debug the valve and check if the coolant is smooth.
9. After the above preparations are done, the material is clamped and locked for trial sawing.

The development of band sawing machine gold cutting
Band saws have gradually become dominant. Double-column band saws, bow-shaped band saws, and mitre band saws are the three primary sawing methods. Band saws are gradually replacing traditional bow saws and circular saws and are beginning to dominate. Although the history of band sawing machine development and coverage is relatively short, the technology has advanced significantly. In the 1960s, it took 15-20 minutes to intercept 150mm 45# steel. Today, it only takes 1.5-2 minutes. The power has increased by 10 times in more than 30 years. Band sawing machines also have significant advantages in terms of data utilization. For example, the band sawing machine can save 56% of the original data compared with the bow saw, and it can save up to 87.5% of the original data compared with the circular sawing machine. . It can be seen that the band sawing machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, high scale accuracy, and small data loss. In addition, this kind of sawing machine has wide adaptability, low power consumption, simple operation, easy protection and viewpoint cutting, so it has been used more and more widely. Among the band sawing machines, the G4228 double-column band sawing machine has the best function. The double-column band saw machine adopts the overall saw frame layout with double-guide column and double hydraulic cylinders, and uses the parallel method for sawing. The rigidity is durable, which ensures the stable operation of the saw frame and improves the life of the saw band. Following the rapid development of China’s national economy in recent years, band saws have gradually begun to spread. At present, a small number of manufacturers have developed double-column band saws through technological innovation. In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, bow sawing machines have been basically screened, and band sawing machines are rapidly spreading. This trend is particularly significant in Germany. The history of the production of double-column band sawing machines has been more than 20 years, and nearly a hundred types have been developed so far, reaching a very high technical level.

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