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CNC band sawing machine advantages

A brief description of the advantages of CNC band sawing machine

Shanghai ANTS focuses on the road of high-precision scientific and technological innovation, to be the leader of China’s sawing machine industry and the pioneer of the world’s sawing machine manufacturing. Research the development of sawing processing technology and related processing technology, and commit to the application of new concepts, new thinking and new technologies.

The company’s main products include CNC sawing machine, automatic band sawing machine, metal band sawing machine, intelligent band sawing machine, high-speed band sawing machine, automatic sawing machine, sawing machine saw blade, intelligent metal cutting machine, metal circular sawing machine, cutting machine, metal sawing and other equipment. The products are deeply trusted by customers and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Italy, India, Thailand, Russia, etc., and have established a complete sales channel and service network in many countries. At the same time, they have experience in the same industry in China Rich, well-made, professional service and other characteristics.

Shanghai ANTS band sawing machine has the characteristics of high stability design, high rigid structure, high efficiency sawing, one-key intelligent operation, etc. Not only that, CNC machine tools also have the following 9 major advantages:

1.It has strong adaptability to processing objects, adapts to the characteristics of single-piece production of molds and other products, and provides suitable processing methods for mold manufacturing.

2.CNC sawing machine has high processing precision and stable processing quality.

3.Automatic feeding, blanking, measuring, clamping and discharging of CNC sawing machine reduce labor costs.

4.Sawing different profiles, generally only need to change the CNC program, which can save production preparation time.

5.The CNC sawing machine itself has high precision and high rigidity, can choose favorable processing amount, and has high productivity (generally 3~5 times that of ordinary band sawing machine)

6.High degree of CNC sawing machine can greatly improve labor productivity.

7.Conducive to the modernization of production management. The CNC sawing machine uses digital information and standard codes to process and transmit information, and uses computer control methods, which lays the foundation for the integration of computer-aided design, manufacturing and management.

8.The quality requirements for sawing machine operators are higher, and the technical requirements for maintenance personnel are higher.

9.High CNC reliability and good sawing effect.

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