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CNC Bandsaw Machine Horizontal Band Saw

The saw frame can be rotated 0-45 degrees to realize the angle sawing of materials.
PLC, set the cutting process.
Grating positioning feed length, single precision feed is controlled within 0.2mm.
The processing size can be set to 5 groups.
Each set of feeding length can be set to 50000mm.
The number of processing elements in each group is 1-999.
At the same time, loosen the jaws to make the jaws easy to wear.
With cut-off protection function, the machine can automatically stop when sawing a piece or a tape to protect the machine and the workpiece.
It can be disassembled and clamped on the hydraulic pressure, so that root and multi-layer parts can be sawed at the same time.

Cutting Capacity(mm) 0°    Circular  350
Rectangular  350*350
45°  Circular 350
Rectangular  350*350
0°    Circular 500
Rectangular 650*500
45°  Circular 500
Blade Speed(m/min) 30/46/58/83 21/42/68
Blade Specifications(mm) 1.1*34*4115 1.3*41*5300
Main Motor power(kw) 4 4
Hydraulic Motor power(kw) 0.75 1.5
Machine Size(mm) 2100*2000*1350 2650*2000*1800
Work piece Hydraulic Hydraulic


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